A fable from universe

Episode 1.

The Qubits

a demi-god named David lived in a remote area of this universe, about 20 billion light years away from the earth. his duty is to watch and defend the edge of the universe from any invasion from outsiders in the neighboring universe. due to his duty, he was all alone and he finally decided to use a forbidden method to create a conscious being which is strictly banned by the “Council of Gods” for its potential harm to the entire universe. since it was the first time for him to do such a thing, he did not have any specific idea how to create a conscious being. so he used part of his own nature to create a conscious being but with very limited intellectual and physical capabilities compared to himself so that his creation could stay obedient and loyal to him (knowing that this limitation could lead to certain imperfections and unpredictable results). at the beginning, David was happy to see the new conscious beings and enjoyed communicating with them. He was not lonely anymore. David decided to call them “Qubits.” Qubits had no gender and had the ability to re-created themselves. Yet soon, David found the Qubits innately violent, and they fought and killed each other almost everyday. David then agonizingly thought of an idea to divert their energy to something else, and created a gender. in order to make the distinction between the two different genders, the original(male) Qubits had to go through certain modifications. After the creation of female Qubits, the male (original) Qubits seemed to have become a bit more docile, but soon after they again fought and killed each other over female Qubits and other belongings. their recklessness could not be controlled or changed as it is in their nature and imperfections. and the simulation models used by gods showed that Qubits’ destructiveness will eventually affect the other parts of the universe with substantial magnitude. heard about this reckless experiment by David, the Council of Gods decided to order David to annihilate the Qubit species to prevent any further harm. however, as David loved his own creation, David petitioned the Council to give him a chance to redeem Qubits. The Council then decides that the only way for David to redeem Qubits is that David himself become a Qubit to enlighten and change Qubits.

(To be continued)